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Heather Church

5 Shortcuts You May Not Know About The New iOS 7

Posted on September 20th, 2013 by Heather Church

We build websites and other technology, so you can imagine that many of us are big time techies too. Fellow tech geeks, check this out!

If you’re an Apple fan like a few of our staff, you have likely either updated your iPhone to the new iOS 7 system, or you’ve talked to others who have (and are still ios6_ios7_home_screenstrying to decide when you’ll take the plunge).

Let us help you make that decision with these five new cool updates that are available to iOS 7 users.


  1. Convenient Control Center: easily navigate to your calculator, alarm clock, camera and new flashlight feature by simply sliding your finger up the screen. You can do it in active or lock mode. Also find the ability to turn on/off Airplane mode, WiFi, BlueTooth, Do Not Disturb and Auto Rotate Lock. Control volume of playback too. We likey.
  2. Spotlight: the internal search function called Spotlight is quick and easy to get to as well. Swipe your finger from top to bottom on any screen to access today’s events, all events and missed events. Delete them by selecting the ‘x’ in the top right corner. Stay uber organized using this feature.
  3. New Ringtones: YAY! In this update, all of the old ringtones are still available, but also available are 27 new ringtones with names like Waves, Twinkle, Illuminate, Stargaze, Cosmic and By The Seaside.
  4. Opening/Closing Open Apps: this one is very cool and will save you a ton of battery life if you use it regularly. Double click the Home button to view all recently opened webpages, applications and programs. Close them by sliding your finger up the image. Presto! They disappear and your battery life is lengthened.
  5. Slide to Unlock: Unlocking your iPhone is even easier now that you can simply slide left to right after pressing the Home button. It’s no longer necessary to swipe within a small strip on the bottom of your phone. Swipe anywhere. Swipe away.

Nike made the swoosh famous. It seems Apple is making ‘swipe’ a household word.


If you’ve done the update, what do you like about the iOS 7? What do you dislike? What do you want Apple to change in the next update?

Now that you know about these new features, go play!

Happy Friday!

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