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Lyndsie Pfeifer

The Carousel of the Homepage

Posted on May 9th, 2014 by Lyndsie Pfeifer

We LOVE rotating banners. We use them on almost every site we design. They are a great way to showcase what a business is about while making the site visually stimulating and drawing the consumer in.


But here are some VERY important tips when using rotating banners to make them user friendly. And your NEED them to be user friendly to be affective.

Users won’t see every slide. They will be too busy scrolling down to see what else your homepage has to offer. So we suggest to keep the the number of slides small (1-4) and make the first couple that show up really POP. Add words, filters to images, etc. Just make them really portray what you want your business is about.

Make the first the most important.  This is the one that really grabs their attention when they log onto your site. Make it catchy, make it grab the viewer and pull them into a story. Appeal to emotion to really draw them in.

Hit it from the get-go. Make sure your banner represents what products you sell. Otherwise, customers might be turned off or confused from the get-go and either leave your site or not know where to turn next.

Hold You Horses. Make sure your slides don’t rotate too quickly. If there is text on the slides, ensure the user has ample time to read them. Make the slides clickable so that the viewer can click between slides if they need to go back to read or click on a product.

Don’t make it a drag. We live in an instant world where everyone expects things to happen quickly. So don’t make it too boring by making your slides appear too slow. Give users about 5-7 seconds for a normal slide, and 10 seconds for a slide that is heavy on the text.

These are just a few tips and tricks of the carousel of homepage design. We use them. We hope you do too.