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Lyndsie Pfeifer

Know What They Want Before They Want It

Posted on April 11th, 2014 by Lyndsie Pfeifer

Ever wonder how your facebook account “knows” you like those Lululemon workout clothes because it just so “happens” happens to pop up in your newsfeed after you went the Lululemon website? Data can be collected literally in the blink of an eye. SNAP. Just like that. When consumers go to a site, it collects data from what pages they are on for the longest, their searches, clicks, and even what they interact with on certain pages. That information is then stored as a profile for that individual and links to their browser allowing for behavioral targeting.459115057 [Converted]

While it may seem like someone is lurking over your shoulder, there are benefits to behavioral targeting. One benefit is that you can “guide” customers toward a product they are more likely to purchase. If you know their past tendencies are to buy the discounted or clearance furniture on your site, you know a great deal about them already. You know they are a pragmatist, so it will be harder to convince them to but that brand new leather couch with build in surround sound.

Why is this important? Because before behavioral targeting, you could only go by demographics. That pragmatist was also from the most wealthy part of the largest city in your state. So without behavioral targeting, you would’ve suggested that brand new leather couch. By saving their data, you can now see that they are more likely to by the suede couch in the back corner of the store that you’ve been trying to get rid of for months.

We cannot know the motivations of our customers, but if we can fully analyze behavior patterns then we are able to design maximally effective marketing campaigns, both externally and within our site.” -Jose Carlos Cortizo,  Co-founder and CMO of BrainSINS

So exactly what are the behavior types that can be recorded?

  • Geolocation
  • HOW they arrived at your site (ex. via Google, Yahoo, or an external link)
  • Number of visits made to your webpage
  • Purchase related data

What can be done with this data? There are endless possibilities. To name a few:

  • Know the optimal time for an email signup to pop up
  • Advertising for items the customer is more likely to purchase (social media has perfected this)
  • Personalized coupons and discounts
  • Up-selling or cross-selling

Behavioral targeting can give you HUGE insights into what your customer wants, even if the customer himself can’t decide.

Know what they want before they want it.