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Heather Church

Custom Website Design Is All About You

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by Heather Church

We’ve been busy the last few months. Perhaps you’ve noticed with the lack of blog posts. Our business is all about technology, web development and helping our customers succeed. At Grey Suit Sites, our main goal is to build custom websites for our customers, specific to their niche or industry, designed with their input every step of the way. The following is a showcase of a few sites we’ve built since the beginning of 2013.



AdToons is a wonderful business run by Vince Palko specializing in personality driven cartoon marketing, whiteboard animation and other innovative marketing techniques.


Bergendahl Institute


“The Bergendahl Institute was established to transfer to the Healthcare Industry, 25 years of proven human error management techniques from the U.S. Nuclear Power Industry. The Institute’s mission is to reduce medical errors, improve patient safety programs and strengthen safety cultures.”


Health Integration Consulting Group


Health Integration Consulting Group (HICG) offers the very best in healthcare integration services. HICG works with hospital interface teams or subject matter experts to deliver the best possible solution utilizing the hospital’s interface engine. HICG is committed to deliver solutions to fulfill their client’s business needs.  The HICG team is built with consultants that strive to deliver integrity, value, trust and quality with every integration solution.

North American Home Furnishings Association


The North American Home Furnishings Association is the nation’s largest organization devoted specifically to the needs and interests of home furnishings retailers. The organization’s membership encompasses more than 10,000 stores in all 50 states and several foreign countries. Providing a unified voice, the organization will allow those in the industry to work more cohesively as well as increase negotiating power and cost efficiency. Three offices serve the organization with locations in the East, West and Central United States.

The Neighborhood Cafe


About Amy Lively, founder of The Neighborhood Cafe, “I had lived in my neighborhood for several years, yet most of the women who lived nearby were complete strangers. I didn’t know their names or pains, had no one to call to borrow a cup of sugar—and had never told them about Jesus. To reach out to my neighbors, I hosted an Open House then invited women back for Bible study. I candidly share how I felt knocking on neighbors’ doors while my knees knocked and tell about the friendships that now line the streets of my neighborhood. I created The Neighborhood Café to inspire other women open their homes and hearts to their neighbors. Through my speaking and writing, I equip women to love their neighbors in a whole new way.”


Tour de Cause


The Tour de Cause Mission: The Lancaster Cause (TLC) is a nonprofit organization committed to making Lancaster and Fairfield County a better place in which to live. TLC will respond to community-wide needs by raising awareness, organizing fundraising events, and donating to the cause. Our current goal is to eliminate the harmful effects of heroin and opiate addiction in our community.

As you can see, we build a WIDE variety of websites across a myriad of industries. Contact us today to learn more!