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Uncommon and exceptional, we're Grey Suit Sites. The funny thing? You won’t find a single grey suit. Our team is comprised of visionaries, graphic designers, programmers, writers and more. Building a website may be technical but it doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Count on us to speak to you in plain language, so that an accurate and beautiful expression of your business shines through in the end product.
Our fantastic team. These people know how to make it   happen
Just call David the go-to-guy for everything. He's the visionary behind Grey Suit Retail; he sees ideas and turns them into opportunity for both the company and its clients. But overall, David just likes helping. In fact, he's passionate about a phenomenon called "Generational Transfer" and his ability to help second, third and fourth generation family businesses succeed by working together as a family, meeting common goals and creating opportunity. And when he's not busy making the world a better place for businesses, David enjoys running, biking, swimming and being a good husband to his wife Amy and daughter Emma.
Some at Grey Suit Retail question if Raffy ever sleeps. Between scuba diving, The Explorers Club, working on a NASA project and riding his motorcycle, Raffy heads the Technology Team to develop our amazing selling solutions and Saas that help business owners make more money. But money isn't the only motive: it's about setting an example that motivates others to help another human being. Raffy and his uber-talented and super-cute wife, Hana-li, value the highest level of ethics and integrity in their personal and professional relationships.
Chief Spiritual Officer
Mark helps us maintain the philosophical vision and mission that embodies Grey Suit Retail. As our Chief Spiritual Officer, he makes sure we pursue happiness and joy first and foremost throughout our lives. By emphasizing the importance of our families, friends and relationships, Mark helps us achieve the proper balance between life and work. When Mark isn't guiding Grey Suit Retail in its spiritual vision, he leads his own church, Open Door Ministries. He and his wife, Nicki, oversee a network of churches and ministries called the Soma Family of Ministries, which includes several schools of ministry & business schools across the United States and abroad. They have three children, Andrew, Austin and Alexandra, and reside in southern Ohio.
Bob is an ambitious entrepreneur always looking for tomorrow's innovation while working hard to generate success today. Bob helps Grey Suit Retail's myriad customers by understanding their needs to help them connect with solutions that allow them to make more money and/or spend less time working (what a win-win scenario!) He gets his kicks from learning and teaching, especially teaching our clients to use our services through seminars and webinars so they're equipped to hit the ground running to achieve faster results. Bob flies high (he has his pilot's license) and goes deep (he scuba dives) and he also enjoys boating with his wife, Dianne.
Not a penny slips past one of Grey Suit Retail's superstar accountants, Diane. She is timely and accurate so that our customers and business owners alike always know exactly what happened yesterday, what's going on today, and what we expect tomorrow. Dianne keeps Uncle Sam happy by working with an outside CPA for tax purposes, after which she especially enjoys spending time with her husband (and Co-Founder) Bob, their dogs and many friends. She is passionate about helping people with drug education and literacy programs.
We couldn't just give Kerry the official title of "brainiac" or "genius." So we simply call him Grey Suit Retail's Chief Technology Officer. And rightly so! Kerry built his first Website when he was only nine years old and currently he pushes programming to its limits to make it faster, easier and more robust. He creates code with the end user in mind, whether that is a woman shopping for vitamins or a retailer managing his products. When he's not pulling an all-nighter (you'd be surprised how much programming happens at 3:00 am) he loves swing dancing and sports.
Senior Developer
Before he became one of our new Senior Developers, Pedro was a gypsy. Seriously. He and his wife don't just travel; they pack up their bags and move to new places to get acquainted with the local culture. A lifelong gamer, Pedro taught himself programming and got his first job in the field before ever enrolling and completing his degree in Information Technology followed by an MBA in Project Management. When he's not creating brilliant code that makes your website sing, Pedro can often be found sipping a local brew and reading a book about technology, entrepreneurship, philosophy or even psychology-yes, programmers have feelings, too.
VP - Sales
If we told you Chad once sold ice to an Eskimo, would you believe it? Well he could, he's that good at sales. That's why we made Chad Vice President of Sales at Grey Suit Retail. But it doesn't hurt that Chad has complete confidence and faith in Grey Suit Retail's ability to help business owners succeed through its cutting-edge technology, products and devoted staff. Chad enjoys spending time with this three children; whether he's at baseball practice, playing tennis or encouraging his daughter as she trains to become the next Olympic gold medal gymnast, he leads by example to teach his children to always do the right thing.
Sales Director
As Sales Director, Natalie brings a worldwide perspective to the web. In fact, her college degree was awarded in far off lands, like Europe, Brazil, China and Costa Rica; she also snagged a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Anderson University, graduating Cum Laude no less. When she's not busy working, Natalie enjoys travel. But keep in mind, she's not your typical tourist. Natalie travels the world exploring manufacturing plants – taking in the production process from start to finish – and touring global businesses.
Sales Rep
As a sales rep at Grey Suit Retail, Casey’s high-octane energy makes her a great fit for the job. Her natural organizational skills and vigor lend well to understanding our customer’s needs and effectively communicating how our products and services can solve their problem. And most of all, Casey loves to spend time with her family – her husband of 11 years and four children – while running, traveling and cooking are also her passions.
Sales Rep
Lyndsie is passionate about helping others. At Grey Suit Retail, she helps guide clients through the process of building a website from scratch. Working with designers and programmers, she makes sure things keep moving until the process is complete. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, reading, writing, and teaching fitness and nutrition classes.
Sales Rep
Heather and her husband of 17 years, Don, have 4 children. In between her 3 sons' baseball games, she enjoys running with her little girl in the jogging stroller and weight training. Heather's high-energy lifestyle and her love for people make her a great fit as a member of Grey Suit Retail's sales force.
Lead Designer
It's almost creepy how Rodrigo gets inside our customers' heads. As one of Grey Suit Retail's Graphic Designers, Rodrigo makes ideas, concepts, feelings and dreams materialize into graphics that move the soul. He has the uncanny ability to listen your vision, rambling and random as it may be, and turn it into a stunning visual you can use for your branding, logo, web or print media. Rodrigo makes his home in Chile, where he loves outdoor activities especially rock climbing, rappelling and trekking. Yoga keeps him balanced and he is preparing to become a Yoga instructor.
Graphic Designer
Bryce's cool sense of humor mixed with his Harry-Potteresque imagination make for one of Grey Suit Retail's most talented, creative and easy going dues to be around. Bryce waves his magic wand to turn design concepts into reality through his creative graphic design genius. We love his work and we know you will too when you see your brand concept come alive in an expert web design, ingenious logo or compelling image. Bryce enjoys traveling the world, winter sports, donating his talent to local ministries and spending time with his sweet fiancé, Alex.
Staff Trainer
Aaron can sneeze with his eyes open. OK, maybe Chuck Norris is the only guy who can do that – but Aaron is trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (submission wrestling). What Aaron can do is quality control; he helps make sure Grey Suit Retail's staff is full trained and fully functioning. He also enjoys weightlifting, basketball (Go Lakers!), and hanging out with his fiancée, Racquel. Aaron loves learning about people and helping them achieve their goals.
Director of Production Services
Don't let Lauren's fiery pyromaniac tendencies scare you. He loved blowing stuff up as a kid living in the Midwest, Northwest and Southeast, but he's cooled off now (we hope). Lauren and his fiancée make beautiful music together, literally: he's a self-taught guitarist and pianist. Lauren is also into motorcycles, cars and basically anything with a motor and moving parts. As Grey Suit Retail's Director of Production Services, Lauren is excited about working for a company that does everything "on purpose" while having fun and making a difference.
Technical Services Director
Jack has the expertise and know-how to conquer the digital world and make it better for our customers and its users, that's why he's our Technical Services Director. For more than 10 years Jack has specialized in every computer related issue, including fixing hardware and software plus dabbling in every technological application under the sun. Born in the Caribbean, Jack speaks fluent Spanish and lives for the rush of extreme sports and motorcycling.
Director of Client Relations
There's nothing Jeff can't do. His love of running has lead him to complete 11 marathons thus far (that number continues to grow as he competes in each state). He enjoys sports, music and the great outdoors, but when he's not running or playing guitar, he serves as Grey Suit Retail's Director of Client Relations. In this capacity, he juggles more work than any normal person should be able to handle. Serving customers, writing exceptional copy, training and mentoring others, working with reps and more, Jeff really does do it all. Eager to help his customers and co-workers any way he can, Jeff's hard work, positivity and enthusiasm is what Grey Suit Retail's philosophy is all about.
Online Specialist
Allison's the go-to-girl for all of her client's needs. She enjoys helping and it shows in her work and her client's success. Whatever their needs, Allison is a pro at creating Websites and helping her clients maintain them down the road. She loves Grey Suit Retail's atmosphere and flexibility since she can be with her 15-month old daughter, Ellie, all day long while still having the ability to accommodate her client's needs. When she's not busy juggling motherhood and work, Allison enjoys playing with her Wii Fit, walking and nap time.
Online Specialist
Chris is a jack of all trades. Grey Suit Retail's Catalog Specialist and Online Specialist alike, he gets things done. As the Catalog Specialist, he manages the Website product creation process to ensure your Website is filled with tons of beautiful and accurately created retail products for your customers to buy. When he's not busy building products, he puts on the Online Specialist hat and equips his clients with the knowledge and tools they need to mange an effective online storefront. Chris loves baseball and wants to one day change the way its coached and build a dynasty that will eventually lead him to a college baseball position.
Online Specialist
Joelle is the juggler in our team. She teaches graphic design research and methodology in several universities, does her freelance design work, and still manages to dedicate all her attention to our Grey Suit Retail customers. Focusing on customer experience, Joelle makes sure our clients get exactly what they want for and from their websites. Layout, colors, visuals, and information content, she gathers all the required data from the client, works with our team to make sure the website is a success. Joelle is Fluent in English, French and Arabic. During her little spare time, she enjoys salsa dancing, hiking, and watching movies. Her motto in life is: always keep smiling!
Online Specialist
Jaimi loves people and helping them however she can. That’s why as an Online Specialist, Jaimi’s helpful and serving nature help our customers successfully achieve and maintain their online goals. When she gets the chance, Jaimi enjoys spending time with her husband and family; not to mention her fondness for shopping and her passion for running. And on the weekends, you can find her cuddled up on the couch with a warm blanket and a movie.
Social Media Specialist
If Bryce is the raddest staffer, Emma is certainly the hippest. Between her dreamy infatuation with Justin Bieber and her natural talent for texting/surfing the Web on her iPhone, we decided she would be a good fit to lead Grey Suit Retail in its daily social media operations. And when Emma isn't busy keeping tabs on Justin and her friends, you can find her leading the pack on the cross country course and swimming laps around the competition on her swim team.